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Car Fault Detector
  • Battery capacity : 4850 mAh
  • Operating voltage: (9-18) V
  • Connection distance: 10 m
  • Operating temperature: 0-50ºC
  • Screen size: 8”
  • Connection: Complete kit for old plugs and OBD II
  • Operating system: Android 0.7
  • Rams: 2 GB
  • Internal memory : 32 GB
  • Car Fault Detector (WSE112)

This car fault detector (WSE112) is characterized by covering a wide range of car brands, it is also characterized with its precise functions. It works on most car controllers. This device is complete with all of its plugs and connections

  • Full diagnosis to all car systems and coverage for all Asian, European and American brands.
  • Reading all types of codes and faults. It’s able to display and analyze data through graphs.
  • Auto-search through chassis number V/N
  • The ability of fast-search of fault place through the code.
  • It contains data base for maintenance info and repair methods.
  • Easy to make needed updates from the promotion list through one click.
  • The ability to record and save reports through internet connections
  • Works with Android 0.7, and four-core processor
  • New design for Bluetooth plug place.
  • The ability to connect to a printer which supports WIFI
  • Supplied with charger type C
  • The ability to check more than 128 car brands, it supports more than 2200 different models.
  • Supplied with complete kit of plugs and different connections for all car types
  • It supports the following functions for all car controllers
    • Reading fault code
    • Removing fault symbol
    • Reading flowing data
    • Testing components
    • Coding and programming processes
  • It is supplied with “Reset” list which includes the following functions
    • Turning off brake pads lamp
    • Oil and maintenance lamp
    • Power steering
    • Battery
    • Air from brakes
    • Gates coding