Our Projects

For the past 12 years, BEDO has implemented a huge number of strategic projects in the educational field inside and outside Egypt in cooperation with many government and private entities and major institutions. The projects include the design, manufacture, supply, installation, operation, and training on all kinds of laboratory educational equipment and training systems in addition to interactive software’s, digital contents, 3D virtual labs produced by BEDO to serve engineering colleges in all its specialties, technological colleges, technical institutes, technical education schools, STEM schools, and various training centers.

The project of furnishing and supply of the hydraulic and pneumatic labs in addition to laboratory equipment at The Technical Excellence School Zain Al Abidin Industrial High School
The project of ‘’Work readiness and safety mobile training unit’’ was designed and executed by BEDO and funded by GIZ (German society for international Co. operation). The project was the mainstay of the inauguration of EGT Academy (Egyptian German Technical Academy).
Design, implementation and delivery of 14 different auditoriums at the Exploratory Center for science and technology in Suez
Design and implementation of the first artificial intelligence and innovative education laboratory in middle east by BEDO at the royal Commission schools in Jubail and Yanbu – Saudi Arabia
Procurement of Equipment for 11 Vocational training centers in Arab Republic of Egypt funded by the Islamic Bank and executed by BEDO.
BEDO Planet Academy, is the largest academy for innovative education in Egypt which targets the age group from 5 to 10 years old