BEDO & Delta Technological University

August 3, 2022

BEDO team gives great care to the summer field training courses for students; Believing in the importance of the role that practical training represents in shaping the student’s mind and shaping their sense of creativity, as well as linking academic study with the practical aspect and the requirements of the labor market,

BEDO team provided one of the most important summer training courses, the training of (College of Industry and Energy Technology – Delta Technological University) for students of the Mechatronics Program.

The technical training covered the following topics:

1- Design and installation of electronic panels and electrical circuits.

2- Welding on electrical and electronic boards.

The training also included a special part for improving the personal skills of students, Soft Skills included the following topics:

1- How to use LinkedIn.

2- Writing a personal biography (C.V) for each trainee.

3- Team work skills.

Wishing All the best to our partners in success (Delta Technological University.