Crack Detection in Rotating Shaft Kit
  • Investigate crack detection in rotating shaft
  • Flange diameter
    • diameter: 90mm
  • 6 hexagon flange bolts M8x20 Shafts
    • diameter: Ø=20mm
    • short shaft: L=85mm
    • long shaft: L=200mm
  • max. permissible bending torques
    • short shaft for belt pulley: 15,9Nm
    • long shaft for mass disk: 3,9Nm
  • Crack detection in rotating shaft kit (MV104.02)

Crack detection in rotating shaft kit (MV104.02) allows trainees to use of a computerized vibration analyzer and change in characteristic vibration behavior (natural frequency, resonance speed, amplitude and phase of vibrations) due to a crack. Trainees will be able to determine the detection of cracks in rotating shafts at the protruding shaft end.

  • Crack Detection in Rotating Shaft Kit is mounted on the base plate of the machinery diagnostic base system.
  • The crack is simulated by an asymmetric flange joint. Variable tightening of the flange bolts produces a temporary gaping of the butt joint, which closely approximates to the behavior of a crack.
  • This module includes two shafts of different lengths: one short and one long.
  • The short shaft simulates a protruding shaft end, and is loaded with the belt drive.