Couplings kit
  • Investigate the vibration behavior of couplings
  • Pin coupling
    • 1x centric pin
    • 1x eccentric pin
    • eccentricity of pin: 1mm
    • max. pitch fault: 180° ±1,909°
  • Coupling stars for claw coupling
    • 98 Shore A (red)
    • 92 Shore A (yellow)
    • 64 Shore D (green)
    • 80 Shore A (blue, included in PT 500)
  • Flange coupling
    • radial run-out (center offset): 0,2mm
    • axial run-out: 0,4 ±0,1mm
  • Couplings kit (MV104.04)

Couplings kit (MV104.04) allows trainees to use of a computerized vibration analyzer and study the load dependency of running behavior. Trainees will be able to Investigate the vibration behavior of various coupling types with and without faults

  • The coupling kit should be mounted on the base plate of the machinery diagnostic base System.
  • The coupling kit can be used to simulate various faults and investigate their effects on vibration behavior.
  • The properties of various coupling types can also be compared.
  • The load unit will also be required to
  • investigate the behavior of the couplings under load.