Belt Drive Kit
  • Measurement of bearing vibrations
  • Investigate the response of the vibration signals when introducing a load.
  • V-belt pulleys
    • large: Ø=125mm
    • small: Ø=63mm
    • small, eccentric: Ø=63mm
  • V-belt
    • SPZ, approx. 10mm wide
    • belt length: 912mm
  • Axle centers
    • 300mm
  • Belt Drive Kit (MV104.05)

Belt Drive Kit (MV104.05) ables trainees to study the change in vibration signals of a belt drive unit and see the effect of slip, tension, and elongation on the vibration signal.

  • Belt Drive Kit is mounted on the base plate of the machinery diagnostic base system.
  • This kit can be used to investigate conditions that cause vibration or slip.
  • The effect of disparate elongation on multiple belt drives can be demonstrated by means of individually-adjustable tensioning rollers.
  • The belt drive is a dual belt drive with a belt tensioner. It can, however, also be operated with only one belt.
  • An eccentrically bored small belt pulley and a damaged V-belt enhance the range of possible experiments.
  • The brake and load unit are required to conduct the experiment.
  • This kit can also be used to apply transverse loads in other experiments.