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Vibrations in Fans Kit

1.3 fan rotors 2.Magnetic load 3.Bearing block

  • Measurement of bearing vibrations
  • Sheet-steel fan rotor
    • 3 blades
    • 5 blades
    • 7 blades
    • Ø 204mm
    • max. speed: 3000min-1
  • Protective disk
    • Made of aluminum
    • Ø 220mm
  • Vibrations in Fans Kit (MV104.09)

Vibrations in Fans Kit enables trainees to study the change in vibration signals of a fans kit unit and see the effect of different fan shapes and introducing an unbalanced load on the vibration signal.

  • Vibrations in Fans Kit is mounted on the base plate of the machinery diagnostic base system.
  • Vibrations in Fans Kit induces the vibrations magnetically.
  • Three fan rotors with differing numbers of blades can be investigated.
  • Helps in understanding the effect of introducing unbalanced load to the fan using a blot with a magnet to the fan assembly.
  • Just as in actual practice, the fan model can also be driven directly via a flexible coupling or by the belt drive.