Tires Balance Machine
  • Wheel width 50 cm
  • Weight’s place detection precision 1.4º
  • Measurement precision 1 gram
  • Measurement time 7 seconds
  • Electricity Single-phase 220V, Threephase 380V
  • Motor power 180 watt
  • Weight 130 Kg
  • Maximum wheel diameter 39”
  • Tires Balance Machine (WSE103)

The tires balance machine (WSE103) is distinguished by precision and stability in measurements and high-quality internal components. The system is supplied with easy-to-use software system. The unit is chemically-treated chassis against rust and weathering.

  • Automatic dimension measurements of distance and diameter.
  • Automatic stopping after measurements.
  • Automatic operation and stopping when taking the cover up or down.
  • Static and dynamic stability.
  • Works on all types of rims especially sportive rims.
  • The ability to display results in different units whether it’s in inch or millimeter.
  • The device measurement shaft is of large diameter to withstand large weights.
  • Doesn’t need fixation to the ground when assembled.