Two-Shaft Car Lifter
  • Jack load: 3.5 Ton
  • Maximum lifting distance: 185 cm
  • Operating voltage:
    • Single-phase 220V
    • Three-phase 380V
  • Motor power: 3 HP/ 2.2 Kw
  • Car lifting time: 50 seconds
  • Car lowering time: 20:40 seconds
  • Car width: 248 cm
  • Overall width:342 cm
  • Overall height:286 cm
  • Lower connection bump height:11 cm
  • Two-Shaft Car Lifter (WSE106)

This two-hydraulic shaft Launch car lifter (WSE106) with lower connection is distinguished by mechanical load distribution system between arms for a balanced lifting process. The system allows formanual mechanical safety lock systems.

  • Manual system to unlock safety locks on both sides.
  • Balance wire and oil cylinders places are completely hidden for a suitable and neat look and longer operation lifetime.
  • Hydraulic cylinders coupled with chain belt for high strength leading to stable and easy lifting up and lowering down process.
  • Strong steel wire works in synchronization with car movement to prevent any car tilting efficiently.
  • Rubber cushion to protect car doors from any damage that may be caused by shafts.
  • Screw conveyor with multiple dimensions to suit the height of light-weight trucks and four-wheel drive cars.
  • The jack is distinguished with high quality to withstand long operating periods (The jack has undergone movable load test 115%, and fixed load test 150%).