Advanced Freon Charging Machine
  • Advanced Freon Charging Machine (WSE111)

This Freon charging machine (WSE111) is one of the newest Freon discharging, filtering, ad recharging devices. The device has been modified to become a durable device in your workshop. It meets the needs of different categories of customers through a liquid crystal display “LCD”

  • Auto-diagnosis of the machine
    • First: It discharges the old freon
    • Second: It disconnects the oil from the freon, each is in a separate tank.
    • Third: Discharging air from the conditioning circuit.
    • Fourth: In case of leakage, the process stops and an alarm appears on the screen
    • Fifth: Oil injection
    • Sixth: Freon injection
  • It performs all of these functions fully-automatic (Easy to use)
  • It allows freon discharging and reusing once again in cars, it allows identifying the amount of freon depending on car type which in turns saves the freon consumption and protects the car compressor against damage.
  • Works with freon R-134a
  • It contains database which can be updated through USB cable.
  • Vacuum pump can be assembled 120 Liter/min
  • It contains liquid package
  • Supplied with printer (To print reports)