BEDO & Artificial Intelligence – Damietta University

June 2, 2022

BEDO team was honored with the assistance and companionship of our success partners, the honorable Dr. President of Damietta University, and the honorable Mr. Dr. Wael Abdel Qader – Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Artificial Intelligence – Damietta University.

During the inspection tour of the Computer and Informatics Sector Committee of the Supreme Council of Universities to verify the institutional capacity of the Faculty of Computing Artificial intelligence, as well as educational effectiveness Committee members praised the extent of Damietta University’s rapid and strong progress and its emergence as a strong competitor among universities.

The Committee also praised the efforts of the “BEDO” team in technology and strong production by Egyptian hands and minds that compete with the global industry specially in computer science and artificial intelligence field, and the extent of fruitful cooperation and support between “BEDO” team and Damietta University. All the support and appreciation to the teaching staff, members of the supporting body, the administrative structure of the faculty, the Student Union for the good cooperation. We wish all success to our partners in success – Damietta University