BEDO & Ghabbour Auto

September 21, 2021

Applied technology schools are considered one of the strongest societal contributions that major industrial institutions contribute with to serve society and the industrial sector as a whole.

Out of this perspective and believing in this pivotal role, “Ghabbour” Applied Technology School was established to serve the automobile manufacturing and maintenance sector, and to provide the Egyptian market with highly trained cadres.

“Ghabbour” Schools are also the product of the many experiences of the pioneers of the automobile industry in Egypt. The Ghabbour Industrial Corporation is one of the oldest and largest automobile manufacturers in Egypt.

BEDO team was honored to be one of Ghabbour’s success partners, and was pleased by the visit Ghabbour`s German delegation members, the visitors expressed their admiration for BEDO’s manufacturing and development capabilities, and praised the first Egyptian model “BEDO” capable of producing and competing at the local and regional levels.