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Variable Load Refrigeration Circuit Trainer

1 Condenser with Fan 2 Receiver 3 Filter/Drier 4 Evaporator 5 Warm water tank with heater 6 Pump 7 Low pressure switch 8 Low pressure switch ON indication lamp 9 Compressor inlet pressure gauge. 10 High pressure switch 11 High pressure switch ON indication lamp 12 Compressor outlet pressure gauge. 13 Compressor

  • Operating the Refrigeration Circuit at 25°C Tank Temperature.
  • Operating the Refrigeration Circuit at 35°C Tank Temperature.
  • Operating the Refrigeration Circuit at 45°C Tank Temperature.
  • Pump
    • Max. flow rate: 4m3/h
    • Head max: 6 m.
    • Maximum operating pressure: 10 bar.
    • Pumped liquid: Water.
    • Liquid temperature range: 2 to 110 c.
    • Main frequency: 50 Hz.
    • Rated voltage: 1 x 230 V.
  • Evaporator
    • Water flow capacity: 0.30 m3/h.
    • Capacity: 1.8 kW.
  • Condenser Fan
    • Power supply: 230V.
    • Frequency: 50 ~ 60Hz.
    • Current: 0.18A.
    • Power: 90W.
    • Speed: 1100rpm.
  • Compressor
    • Type: Reciprocating.
    • Voltage/Frequency: 208-220V ~ 50Hz.
    • Refrigeration Capacity: 1501W.
    • Ambient temperature: 32°C.
    • Return gas: 15°C.
    • Liquid temperature: 45°C.
  • Variable Load Refrigeration Circuit Trainer (AR - 014)
  • Hard Copy User manual
  • BEDO Software
  • Laboratory PC

The refrigeration circuit with variable load training system (AR-014) tends to demonstrate the design and components of the refrigeration system and its operating behavior under adjustable load. The trainer provides a wide range of experiments.

  • The trainer demonstrates a refrigeration circuit under an adjustable load.
  • The refrigeration circuit includes all components necessary to build a refrigeration system such as a compressor, a condenser with fan, a thermostatic expansion valve, pressure switches and a coaxial coil heat exchanger as an evaporator.
  • The trainer is supplied with a water circuit that serves as load, consisting of a tank with a heater and a pump.
  • The tank temperature is adjusted using a controller.
  • All measured values of the refrigeration system such as temperatures, pressures and flow rates are recorded by sensors and displayed via digital display, also, the compressor power is digitally displayed.
  • The trainer is supplied with pressure gauges to demonstrate the compressor inlet and outlet pressures.
  • The trainer is equipped with Main ON/OFF switch, compressor ON/OFF switch, pump ON/OFF switch and heater ON/OFF switch, in addition to the Emergency switch.
  • The components of the refrigeration circuit are arranged clearly in such a way that helps the trainees to understand the sequence of the refrigeration process.
  • The trainer is provided with software to demonstrate the processing refrigeration cycle to allow the trainees to investigate the refrigeration parameters.
  • The software also demonstrates the Log P-H diagram of R – 134 and can save samples to be appeared on an excel sheet with all the gauges reading at each sample.