Complete Tractor Cutaway

1 Emergency switch 2 ON/OFF switch 3 Motor switch. 4 Drums. 5 Brakes. 6 License plate. 7 Wheel. 8 Head lights. 9 Driver’s seat. 10 Gear stick 11 Steering wheel 12 Electric motor

  • Identify how the tractor transmission system works.
  • Identify the main components of the tractor.
  • Complete Tractor Cutaway (COV103)
  • Hard copy user manual

This educational unit (COV103) features a complete real tractor excluding the body striped off and electric circuitry and mounted by its chassis on a robust frame to expose all the essential systems that make up this type of vehicle.

  • A complete tractor with its body and interior excluded is mounted by its chassis on a robust frame.
  • The unit contains all the essential systems that make up this sort of vehicle such as fan radiator, dynamo, rear & front coronas, gear box, engine, oil pump, oil tank, water filter, motion direction stick, gear shift stick, oil filter, fuel pump, hand brake handle, accelerator pedal and wheels.
  • The trainer is also provided with a sectioned intake & exhaust system.
  • The driver seat and the steering wheel is provided for the purpose of real simulation of fully operation of the vehicle.
  • Whole lights and warning lights system with control unit are provided.
  • All the systems included within the vehicle are sectioned to view their internal construction.
  • The color contrast allows observing the systems, their construction, components, and operation from the vehicle perimeter.
  • The chassis that binds the essential systems is a custom fabricated.
  • Some systems include white lamps to illuminate their insides.
  • Attached to the engine is an electric motor to simulate as if the vehicle is operational and drive dependent systems.