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Rear Axle Cutaway
  • Observing the internal construction of rear axle cutaway
  • Familiarization with the function of rear axle cutaway
  • Rear axle cutaway (DPA104)
  • Hard copy user manual

This educational unit (DPA104) features a real sectioned rear axle connected to rear wheel hubs. It allows the trainee to observe how driving power is transmitted to the rear wheels.

  • A sectioned rear axle mounted on a robust frame which can be easily relocated.
  • The educational unit helps the trainees to observe how torque is transmitted to the rear wheels at rear-wheel-drive vehicles.
  • This educational unit is functional and includes all the components of a rear axle system such as the differential, axle bearings, pinion bearings, drive axles and wheels hubs.
  • The rotational input to the unit which would have come from the propeller shaft can be simulated by either a hand wheel or an electric motor.
  • The differential is sectioned and showcased with different color cross-sections and components to allow the trainee to observe the internal construction, components and working operation.
  • White LEDs provide enough illumination inside differential and axle housing so that the trainee can observe the construction,  components and the working principles of the whole axle system.