Rear Axle Assembly & Disassembly Trainer
  • Observing the internal construction of the rear axle.
  • Understanding the operation principle of the rear axle.
  • Knowing how to assemble and disassemble rear axle.
  • Rear axle assembly & disassembly trainer (DPA106)
  • Hard copy user manual

The rear axle assembly and disassembly trainer (DPA106) has been specifically designed to enhance students and technician’s ability to assemble and disassemble a rear axle which further helps the trainees to visualize the internal components and construction in addition to fully understand its operation.

  • A small storage container neatly stores a disassembled rear axle, and required tools.
  • The storage box is equipped with hard foam adequate compartments to contain the disassembled components for the purpose of safe storage.
  • Each part inside the box is numbered to provide better organization in order to facilitate the assembly and disassembly process.
  • The rear axle assembly and disassembly trainer includes a specially designed table on which the gearbox may be assembled.
  • A detailed diagram on the front of the assembly table provides a guiding reference during the assembly process.