Torque Converter Model
  • Observation the operation of the torque converter model.
  • Torque converter model (DPC101)
  • Hard copy user manual

The torque converter model (DPC101) is an educational unit designed to enable the trainee to observe the construction of the torque converter and its working mechanism.

  • The educational unit demonstrates a functional torque converter mounted on a robust frame.
  • The trainer is provided with an electric motor to generate the expected rotation coming from the engine.
  • The educational unit is supplied with an operation panel that includes an ON/ OFF operation switch for the electric motor, emergency switch and a knob to control the motor speed and torque, and a digital display for indicating the rotation ratio and torque amplification
  • The output of the torque converter is connected to torque and speed sensors.
  • The trainer allows the trainee to notice the three main modes of operation of torque converter: namely, stall, acceleration and coupling.
  • The trainer is provided with a schematic diagram showing the internal structure of the torque converter.