FWD Automatic Transmission Cutaway

1.Clutches 2.Torque converter 3.Coupling 4.Differential set 5.Handle to operate the automatic transmission manually. 6.Transmission Case 7.Valve Body

  • Observation of the internal construction and components of the automatic transmission.
  • Observation of the operation of the automatic transmission.
  • Observation of different main parts of automatic transmission mainly the planetary gears.
  • Understanding the operation of the planetary gears.
  • Fwd Automatic Transmission Cutaway -(DPT100)
  • Hardcopy user manual

FWD Automatic transmission cutaway trainer (DPT100) is designed to demonstrate the internal construction & functionality of the automatic gearbox. The provided automatic transmission is sectioned, showcased and painted in contrasted color to allow the trainees to observe the internal composition & components and help them understand its principle of operation.

  • The trainer is designed to demonstrate the operation and components of the FWD automatic transmission.
  • The trainer features a cutaway of the automatic transmission system so that the trainee can investigate the components and how the automatic gear box and the differential unit are combined together inside one housing to form the whole automatic transmission system.
  • The differential unit helps trainees in understanding its internal construction, components and operation, in addition to how the right and left wheel axles can rotate in different speeds.
  • The training system helps in understanding the concept of transmission gear ratios in addition to different gear ratios relevant to automatic transmission using the planetary gears.
  • The educational unit is provided with a schematic diagram on the benchtop of the automatic transmission system with its hydraulic circuits and differential unit using ultra violet technology, the diagram is full colored and suitable for outdoor purposes (weather resistance).
  • Provided on the system benchtop an automatic transmission valve body which shows a large number of hydraulic channels and passageways designed to bring highly pressurized oil to various valves of the system. 
  • The cutaway is equipped with a rotating manual handle used to simulate the motion coming out of the engine.
  • When the manual handle is rotated, it allows trainees to observe the process of gear shifting closely and understand the interaction between different system’s components.