CVT Cutaway

1.Forward and reverse switching 2.Torque converter 3.Metal belt 4.Primary pully 5.Secondary pulley 6.Valve Body

  • Observation of the internal construction of the CVT.
  • Observing the operation of the CVT.
  • CVT Cutaway - (DPT101)
  • Hardcopy user manual

Continuously variable transmission cutaway (DPT101) is an educational unit which is designed to allow the trainee to observe the internal construction of a CVT transmission system which is a type of automatic transmission system and understand its working principle.

  • The educational unit features a sectioned CVT mounted on a robust frame.
  • The cutaway helps the trainee understand the internal construction, components and operation of CVT type transmission, and how infinitely variable gear ratios can be achieved.
  • The unit allows the trainee to achieve different numbers of effective gear ratios between maximum and minimum values.
  • The trainer is provided with a schematic diagram showing the internal structure of the CVT.
  • Provided on the system benchtop a CVT valve body which shows a large number of hydraulic channels and passageways designed to bring highly pressurized oil to various valves of the system.