Water Pump Cutaway
  • Observation of the internal structure of the water pump.
  • Understanding the operation principle of the water pump.
  • Water pump cutaway (ECO100)
  • Hard copy user manual

The water pump cutaway (ECO100) is a great educational tool designed to enable trainees to illustrate the internal parts and structure of a water pump which used in pumping coolant in the cooling system of a vehicle. This cutaway is carefully sectioned for training purposes, professionally painted with different colors to better differentiate the various parts of a water pump similar to this found in real life.

  • A sectioned pump is mounted on a small robust frame to ease the relocation.
  • Water pump cutaway is the ideal aid for teaching the water pump principles and allows visualization of the inner parts.
  • All the components are sectioned and showcased in different colors to allow the trainee to observe the internal construction and components.
  • The pump cutaway can be driven by hand introduce the trainee into its theory of operation.