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Electronic Diesel Engine Injection System Troubleshooting Trainer

1 Operation switches. 2 Faults’ switches. 3 ECU. 4 Dashboard. 5 Injectors. 6 Diesel tank. 7 Electric motor.

  • Investigating components of electronic diesel engine injection system.
  • Investigating effect of fuel injection timing.
  • Simulating 20 common faults of diesel management system via software including
    • Battery fault.
    • Ignition switch fault.
    • Dashboard fault.
    • Fuel level sensor fault.
    • Fuel pump fault.
    • Throttle valve fault.
    • Mass air flow sensor fault.
    • Cam sensor signal fault.
    • Crank sensor signal fault.
    • Cam sensor supply fault.
    • Crank sensor supply fault.
    • Injector 1 fault.
    • Injector 2 fault.
    • Injector 3 fault.
    • Injector 4 fault.
    • Acceleration pedal fault.
  • Electronic Diesel Engine Injection System Troubleshooting Trainer (EFU106)
  • Hard copy user manual

Electronic diesel engine Injection system Troubleshooting trainer (EFU106) allows trainees to study the electronic injection system of diesel engines. The trainer is a stand-alone unit that demonstrates a full electronic diesel management system through real components to investigate the system operation. The educational unit is also provided with 20 faults switches to simulate most common faults to study faults symptoms and enhance faults diagnosis skills.

  • The trainer is designed to demonstrate the electronic ignition system of diesel engine.
  • The educational unit contains
    • Trainer operation button.
    • Emergency button.
    • Ignition switch with its terminals.
    • DLC port
    • Panel of the faults’ switches.
    • Dashboard.
    • Fuel filter.
    • Rail pressure gauge.
    • ECU.
    • MAF sensor.
    • Engine speed sensor.
    • Fuse box.
    • Simulation knobs of engine temperature, air sensor and air temperature sensor.
    • Four injectors inside test tubes to simulate the combustion chambers with valves to return fuel to fuel tank after performing experiments.
  • The trainer also demonstrates a schematic diagram for electric circuit of diesel engine injection system with many test terminals of the system components such as battery, crank sensor, cam sensor, engine temperature sensor ECT, fuel rail pressure sensor, fuel temperature sensor, in addition to many terminals.
  • The trainer is provided with an electric motor to simulate the engine effect and connected to a pump that pumps diesel fuel from diesel tank at the lower part of the trainer to the injectors.
  • A diesel tank is provided with a level indicator to indicate the diesel fuel level inside the tank at the lower part of the trainer.
  • At the lower part of the trainer, two gears rotated by an electric motor to simulate cam shaft and crank shaft where cam sensors and crank sensor are mounted to measure rotation angles and speeds of the two gears.
  • The two gears are covered by a transparent shield to provide protection against rotating parts and facilitate observation.
  • The trainer is supplied with 20 faults switches to simulate symptoms of most common faults of diesel engine management systems.