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Cake & Depth Filtration Trainer

1-Hopper 2-Two tube manometers 3-Glass filter chamber 4-Illustrative Drawing 5-Tube 6-Diatomite earth + sand (filter medium)

  • Demonstrating of principles of filtration: Darcy’s equation
  • Performing depth filtration with different bulk solids and suspensions
  • Performing cake filtration with different suspensions
  • Identification of characteristic filtration values
  • Cake & Depth Filtration Trainer (HI105)
  • Hard copy user manual

This training kit (HI105) has been designed to investigate both cake & in-depth filtration methods. with a simple arrangement light weight bench-top kit, the student will be able understand the theory of filtration, the training kit represent a fundamental distinction is made between depth filtration and cake filtration.

  • The training kit is made of light-weight metal chassis which accommodate different components of the system.
  • Two tube manometers are provided to measure the pressure loss in the filter.
  • Suspension flow from the laboratory hopper at the top down to the filter and passes through the filter medium.
  • In cake filtration, the filter medium provides the foundation for build-up of the filter cake.
  • In depth filtration, the filter medium supports the bulk solids (filter medium layer; gravel).
  • Filter at the bottom center with sintered filter medium on its bottom to capture the particles
  • Filter chamber contains (diatomite + sand)
  • Ultraviolet printed drawing to illustrate different filtration methods.
  • A stop watch is provided to calculate time