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Demonstration for the Effect of Precipitation

1. Water tanks 2.Sandbed 3.Flow rate sensor 4.Flow Rate Control Valves 5.Drain Wells 6.Spray Nozzles 7.Stepper Motor on Movable Roll 8.Switch Cabinet with Dispkays & Controls

  • Effect of precipitation of varying duration or intensity on soils with different saturation.
  • Hydrographs recording after precipitation.
  • Storage capacity of soils with different saturation.
  • Compare the natural drainage with the drainage via drainage pipe.
  • Influence of rainwater retention basin on the hydrograph
  • Demonstration for the Effect of Precipitation (HI106)
  • Hard copy user manual

The Trainer (HI106) produces precipitation of varying duration and intensity. The storage capacity of soils with different saturation is also examined. Demonstration of the correlations between precipitation and seepage using various drainage methods

  • The trainer is a tool of representation of hydrological data such as precipitation, groundwater levels or discharges.
  • The trainer includes a tank with a sand filling, which is flowed through by water.
  • The water is supplied to the tank via a precipitation device with two nozzles that can be adjusted separately via valves.
  • The water is drained either via a drainage pipe or a drain chamber, which is separated from the experimental section by a screen.
  • The draining water is distributed over 17 transparent chambers. 
  • A profile over time of the water drain is created.
  • The water levels are measured and plotted in a hydrograph.
  • Drip pans can be used to demonstrate the lag of the drainage through rainwater retention basins.
  • The water supply is controlled by a valve and read on a flow meter.
  • The timed discharges are adjusted via electronic timers.