Sedimentation Tanks Trainer

1-Lower tank 2-Lower tank water level indicator. 3-Pump. 4-Pipe of water and sand from pump to flume. 5-Fresh water source. 6-Fume motor. 7-First filter. 8-Second filter. 9-Flume. 10-Control panel.

  • Determine the hydraulic loading rate.
  • Influence of the following parameters on the separation process:
  • Concentration of solids
  • Flow rate
  • Flow velocity in the inlet
  • Water level in the sedimentation tank
  • Investigation of the flow conditions.
  • Demonstration on how lamellas affect the sedimentation process.
  • Sedimentation Tanks Trainer (HI107)
  • Hard copy user manual

The trainer (HI107) investigates the separation of solids from a suspension in a sedimentation tank. Solids are separated out from suspensions under the influence of gravity. In this process the density of the solid particles must be greater than that of the liquid.

  • A concentrated suspension is prepared in a tank, comprising water and the solid to be separated.
  • A pump transports the concentrated suspension to the sedimentation tank.
  • Upstream of the sedimentation tank the suspension is mixed with fresh water.
  • The raw water generated in this way flows into the sedimentation tank via an inlet weir. 
  • A stirring machine is located upstream of the inlet weir.
  • The treated water first flows under a baffle and then over a weir to the outlet.
  • The height of the weir on the outlet side is adjustable and allows the water level in the sedimentation tank to be changed. 
  • The water level above the inlet weir can also be adjusted. This affects the flow velocity over the inlet weir.
  • A lamella unit can be inserted into the experimental section. This makes it possible to study how lamellas affect the separation process.
  • The flow rates of the concentrated suspension and the fresh water are adjusted via valves. So, the mixing ratio, and the concentration of solids in the inlet to the sedimentation tank, can be adjusted. 
  • An electromagnetic flow rate sensor measures the flow rate in the inlet of the sedimentation tank.
  • Flow rate and speed of the stirring machine are displayed digitally.
  • The sedimentation tank is equipped with lighting to better observe the flow conditions.