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Groundwater Flow Trainer

1-tube manometers 2-Two supplies 3-Two drains

  • Determining the groundwater level.
  • Lowering of groundwater level via two wells.
  • Groundwater flow on excavation pits.
  • Groundwater studies under concentric load on the substrate.
  • Groundwater Flow Trainer (HI108)
  • Hard copy user manual

The trainer (HI108) allows three-dimensional investigations of groundwater flows. The trainer consists of a tank with a sand filling. Various models can be placed in the sand bed.

  • The water is supplied to the tank via two horizontal open-seam tubes that can be activated separately via valves.
  • This results in various experiment possibilities with flowing groundwater.
  • The investigation of various extractions is facilitated by two wells with open-seam tubes, which are also activated individually via valves. 
  • Three different models allow the study of excavation pits.
  • At the bottom of the tank there are orthogonally arranged measuring connections to detect groundwater levels.
  • Groundwater levels are displayed on 19 tube manometers.