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Hybrid Transmission Cutaway

1 Motor socket. 2 Rotor. 3 Stator. 4 CVT Belt. 5 Main brain.

  • Observation of the internal construction and components of the hybrid transmission.
  • Learning about the operation of the hybrid transmission system
  • Learning about the function of each component in the system
  • Enhancing maintenance skills.
  • Hybrid transmission cutaway (HYD100)
  • Hard copy user manual

Hybrid transmission cutaway (HYD100) is designed to demonstrate the functionality of the automotive hybrid transmission. The hybrid transmission is sectioned and showcased with color contrasted components to allow the trainee to observe its internal construction, components, and operation.

  • The trainer is designed to demonstrate the operation and components of the hybrid transmission.
  • The educational unit allows trainees to understand the power train of hybrid transmission.
  • The trainer shows a cutaway of the hybrid transmission system so the trainee can investigate the components as they are being utilized.
  • The system helps Introducing the function of the motor generator and how it operates to control the continuously variable transmission function of the transaxle and operates as the engine starter also controls element for the power splitting planetary gear set.
  • The educational unit is provided with a schematic diagram of the hybrid drive types using ultra violet technology, full colored and suitable for outdoor purposes (weather resistance).