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Hybrid Engine Cutaway

1.AC electric motor 2.Gear box 3.Petrol engine 4.Motor generator 5.Automatic CVT transmission 6.Schematic diagram 7.Main ON/OFF 8.Emergency button 9.Circuit breaker

  • Observation of the internal construction and components of hybrid petrol engine.
  • Observation of the working mechanism of hybrid petrol engine.
  • Observation of the ignition system of hybrid petrol engine.
  • Learning of the function of each component in the system.
  • Hybrid engine cutaway - (HYD101)
  • Hard copy user manual

The hybrid engine cutaway (HYD101) is designed to simulate the working of a typical petrol engine using real- world components that’s used in petrol-powered vehicles. The engine in this training system is also a hybrid system which combines both IC engine and electric motor. using this training system, trainees will get exposed to the main components and working principle of hybrid engines.

  • The training system introduces trainees to the concept of hybrid engines, combining both IC engine and electric motor.
  • The training system comprises petrol engine, motor generator, AC electric motor coupled with its gear box, and CVT transmission cutaway.
  • The training system is a cutaway model of hybrid engine that’s used in real-world vehicles. Where all of the system components are sectioned and showcased in contrast colors to allow for a better observation of the system internal construction.
  • Besides getting familiar with the system main components, trainees will be able to observe and visualize hybrid engines, enabling them to get familiar with the system function and operation.
  • Trainees will get acquainted to different topics such as cam mechanism, intake & exhaust system, combustion chamber, piston cylinder, crank shaft, and much more.
  • The trainer allows the trainee to observe the injection and ignition systems of the engine, the sequence of the 4 main strokes of the engine, how longitudinal motion is transformed into rotational motion by pistons, connecting rods and crankshaft.
  • The trainer allows the trainee to observe the operation of the valve train and the timing assembly, the construction of the engine block, cylinder head, crankcase, intake and exhaust systems, and the shape While operating the system, trainees will be able to observe engine’s four strokes and investigate the engine operational behavior.
  • The educational unit is provided with a schematic diagram illustrating hybrid engine components using ultra violet technology, full colored and suitable for outdoor purposes (weather resistance).
  • The training unit is equipped with circuit breaker to protect the system against overload during system operation.
  • The training system is supplied with main ON/OFF as well as emergency button which can be pressed in case of any inconvenience.