2 DOF Inverted Pendulum Trainer
  • Demonstrate modeling the State-space representation
  • Familiarization with control linear-quadratic regulator
  • 2 DOF Inverted Pendulum Trainer (MC102.02)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Rotary Servo Base Unit (MC102)

The 2 DOF inverted pendulum trainer is a bench-top unit designed to introduce trainees to more com-plex robotics concepts and to demonstrate and investigate real-world control issues that arise in air-craft engineering applications, such as rocket stability during takeoff.A 2 DOF instrumented joint with a pendulum rod makes up the 2 DOF robot module.
The rod has two orthogonal axes around which it can freely swing. A four-bar linkage (2 DOF robot module) installed on two rotary servo base units carries a 2 DOF joint that is fastened to the end-effector. As a result, a planar manipulator robot system with two actuated and three unactuated revolute joints is produced. Using two encoders, the pendulum rod’s angles are calculated.

  • The 2 DOF inverted pendulum tainer introduce more complex robotics concepts
  • The trainer is made up of an instrumented 2 DOF joint with a rod mounted to it. The rod can freely move along two orthogonal axes.
  • The module is fastened to two rotary servo base units.
  • A planar manipulator robot is created when the output shafts of their servomotors are connected by a four-bar linkage, or 2 DOF robot module.
  • The end effector of the robot arms is where the 2 DOF joint is attached.
  • The 2 DOF inverted pendulum experiment aims to control the location of the 2 DOF robot end effector to balance the pendulum.
  • A 2 DOF joint enables the pendulum to revolve about both orthogonal axes.
  • Sensing pendulum link angles using high-resolution encoders
  • A controller can rotate the servos by measuring the vertical pendulum's deviations, balancing the pendulum with the position of the end effector.