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Rotary Servo Base Unit
  • Familiarization with geared servomechanism system.
  • Enhancing the fundamental principles of basic control.
  • Servo motor
    • Motor power: 750Watt
    • Ratedspeed: 3000RPM
  • Rotary Servo Base Unit (MC102)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Digital content (BI01)
  • Rotary Inverted Pendulum Trainer (MC102.01)
  • 2 DOF Inverted Pendulum Trainer (MC102.02)
  • Ball and Beam Trainer (MC102.03)
  • Motion Platform (MC102.04)

The rotary servo base unit is the core component of the experiments with the rotary control. It is ideal for introducing fundamental control theories and concepts on a user-friendly interface. Use it alone to conduct several experiments, or add more modules to the unit to cover a wider range of control principles. The autofocus function in contemporary cameras, cruise control in autos, and speed control in CD players are examples of practical applications of the rotary servomotor in real-life.

  • The rotary servo base unit is designed for rotary control wide experiments.
  • The unit consists of:
    • DC motor
    • Pinion gear
    • Gearbox
    • Load shaft
  • Optical encoder (or potentiometer)
  • Both a potentiometer and a high-resolution optical encoder can be used to determine the position of the load shaft.
  • The encoder can also be used to calculate the motor's speed.
  • The unit contains gears and varying loads.
  • Continuous measurement from instrumented modules is possible with an optional slip ring.
  • The unit components are assembled in a robust structure that is easy to connect to other modules for a greater number of experiments.