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Electrical Sequence Control Trainer

1.Contactors, 2.Overload protection, 3.4-pole relays, 4.2-pole relays, 5.Current limiter, 6.Current breaker, 7.Circuit breaker, 8.Timers, 9.Emergency button, 10.Selector switch, 11.Pushbuttons, 12.Indication lamps, 13.Alarm, 14.Connection terminals

  • Basic circuit.
  • Logical circuit.
  • Timing circuit.
  • latch circuit.
  • Priority circuit.
  • Detection circuit.
  • Lamp and alarm circuit.
  • Contact circuit for electric circuits.
  • Reactor driving circuit.
  • Jog circuit.
  • On delay circuit.
  • Movement and reverse movement circuit
  • Operation delay circuit.
  • Time activation circuit.
  • Pulse generation circuit.
  • Induction motor circuit.
  • Delta-star circuit.
  • Circuit breaker
    • Rated voltage: Single-phase 220 VAC
    • Rated current: 30A
  • Contactor
    • Coil voltage: 220 VAC
  • Thermal overload
    • Current setting: 0.3 ~ 1.5A
    • Relay control voltage: AC 100V ~ 260V
  • Relays
    • Operating Voltage: 220 VAC
    • No. of Poles: 3
  • Timer
    • Control time setting range: 0.05 sec to 100 hours
  • Three-phase induction motor
    • Power: 3-phase, 1/2HP
  • Current limiter reactor
    • 3-phase 400 VAC
    • Motor start function
  • Electrical sequence control trainer (MCC100)
  • Hard copy user manual

Electrical sequence control trainer is a bench top educational unit which is designed to provide students with practical experience in the field of electrical sequence control. The unit uses real-life components and power source to train on sequence control wiring and connect most common circuits in the field of sequential control.

  • The trainer provides training and understanding of electrical sequence, and how to use it in real life.
  • The unit includes various electrical components with electrical contact.
  • This training system allows various electric sequence control of various circuits, that can be designed by the student.
  • The unit is provided with safety connection cables and insulated connection terminals for safety purposes.
  • The components included in the trainer are: circuit breaker, contactors, thermal overload, relays, timers, three-phase induction motor, lamp, buzzer, and current limiter reactor.
  • Additionally , the unit includes control switches such as emergency switch, selector switch indication LEDS and push buttons.