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Basic Hydraulics Kit

1.Regulator, 2.Supply pressure, 3.Pressure gauge, 4.Tank return, 5.T-Connectors, 6.5/3 directional control valve, 7.3/2 directional control valve, 8.On/Off switch, 9.Check valve, 10.Flow Control Valve, 11.Application, 12.Pressure Gauge, 13.Double Acting Cylinder, 14.Single Acting Cylinder

  • Operation of single acting cylinder .
  • Operation of single acting cylinder with throttle valve.
  • Operation of single acting cylinder with throttle and check valves.
  • Operation of double acting cylinder.
  • Operation of double acting cylinder with check valve.
  • Operation of double acting cylinder with throttle and check valves.
  • Constructing the crane operation circuit.
  • Pump
    • Motor: 220 VAC, 1.5 KW, 12A.
    • Type: Gear pump.
    • Flow rate: 4 L/min.
    • Operating Pressure: 5~60 bar.
  • Tank capacity: 30L.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Basic Hydraulics kit (MHP100)
  • Hard copy user manual

Basic hydraulics kit is a bench top kit designed to introduce the students to the most hydraulic components used in the hydraulic systems such as pressure regulators, pressure gauge, flow control valve, single and double acting cylinders. The unit also allows constructing and controlling different hydraulic circuits.

  • The basic hydraulics kit is an educational unit which provides an experimental introduction to the fundamentals of hydraulics system.
  • The trainer provides understanding of the components of the simple hydraulic circuit and introduces the trainees to each symbol of them.
  • The unit includes a supply pressure meter to indicate the value of the supply pressure and a pressure regulator to adjust the value of the supply pressure to the desired value to perform the different experiments.
  • The trainer is supplied with different types of valves such as: 3/2 manual directional control valve and 5/3 manual directional control valve which are used to allow the fluid to flow into different paths from its main source, and a check valve to regulate the flow in one direction and prevent its return back.
  • There is a pressure gauge to indicate the fluid pressure during flow.
  • The unit also includes a hydraulic pump and an oil tank.
  • The kit is also provided with a single acting cylinder and a double acting cylinder to construct circuits.
  • Hoses are used to connect between the terminals of the different components.
  • Flow control valves are used to regulate the flow and control the flow rate.
  • T- connectors is provided to be connected to the hoses to act as external connections to measure the fluid pressure at different points during the fluid flow.
  • The cane operation circuit can be built to introduce the student to the design of its hydraulic circuit.
  • The trainer is supplied with output points from the hydraulic pump and input points to the oil tank.
  • All hydraulic components are identified with their names printed above them.
  • The unit is supplied with handles at both sides for easy lifting.