Mechanical Fabrication Discovery Station
  • Bolt types, sizes, grades
  • Types of nuts and their grades
  • Washers and their uses
  • Types of screwdrivers
  • Types of wrenches
  • Uses of screwdrivers
  • Uses of the wrenches
  • Nuts screwdrivers
  • Screw thread components
  • Pilers and locking devices
  • Hammers
  • Portable drill tools
  • Concepts of mechanical fabrication assembly (real engine assembly)
  • Mechanical Fabrication Discovery Station (MMS117)
  • Hard copy user manual

The Mechanical Fabrication Assembly Skills Discovery Station is designed to teach students the skills required for mechanical assembly. The unit allows students to learn about the many types of bolts, wrenches and other fittings commonly used in industry and how to properly apply them.

  • This training system is designed to teach students the proper and safe application of basic hand tools used in mechanical fabrication assembly.
  • The discovery station includes a workstation, Wrenches set, Screwdrivers set, drilling and hammering tools, pilers and locking devices, measurement tools set and assembly components kit.
  • The Mechanical fabrication tools are placed on a steel mounted panel with silk-screened labels and magnetic tool holders to ensure quick, easy setup and cleanup.
  • The unit is also supplied with a student curriculum, instructor’s assessment guide, and an installation guide.
  • The discovery station is supplied with interactive multimedia curriculum; it is perfect instructional tool for the classroom with an exciting presentation and high-quality learning content.
  • The multimedia includes extensive videos, 3D animations, interactive exercises, and colorful graphics that will motivate students and help them learn more effectively.
  • The multimedia software is skills-based and provides a complete learning experience for the student with theory presentation and hands-on exercises.
  • The unit covers the industry-relevant mechanical fabrication skills.
  • The unit teaches the students the skills required for mechanical assembly, Students learn about the many types of bolts, wrenches and other fittings commonly used in industry.
  • The training covers industry-relevant mechanical fabrication skills from basic to more sophisticated power tools such as
    c- clamps, vises, and pliers, to torque tools, torque wrenches, and power tools.
  • The station also focuses on the importance of safety in using the mechanical technique; Student applications in the curriculum emphasize safety rules and step by step tutorials to ensure safety of students and proper usage of tools.
  • This learning system helps instructors quickly components inventory and minimize loss and damage of components .
  • The unit includes storage bins with lids and dividers help to ensure that all parts and loose accessories are kept organized and contained.