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Parking Tower Training System
  • Performing various operations related to automatic parking such as moving a parking area up/down or right/left via PLC or software in addition to the Initialization practices.
  • PLC programming for car parking application.
  • Parking automation using PLC and software.
  • Lamp control & door control using switches & sensors.
  • Operating various industrial sensors.
  • Structure
    • 5-floor steel-frame structure
  • Garage
    • Pallet
    • Pallet detection sensor
    • Car detection sensor
  • Lift
    • Pallet transfer device
    • DC motor (24 VDC )
    • Photo sensor
    • Bevel gear & screw
    • Micro switch
  • Control unit
    • Induction motor & deaccelerator
    • Indicator lamp: «No vacancy» / «vehicle entry» /vehicle departure» / «Standby» / «floor number» / «no entry»
  • Parking tower training system (MPLC108)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Laboratory PC
  • Tia Portal v17 license

Parking tower training system is a real simulation to an automatic parking system. The system represents one of the most common and vital applications of using PLC. The trainer features all components that form a complete and functioning automated parking system. It helps teaching lifting and movement mechanism and different utilized sensors. The system is provided with BEDO software to monitor and control the process.

  • The parking tower training system is designed based on mechanical principles of parking tower.
  • The educational unit consists of operation panel, PLC control panel, manual control panel .
  • The trainer is composed of five floors structural building to simulate a real parking tower.
  • The trainer could be operated automatically using PLC controller
  • The trainer is operated using DC motors with driver control.
  • The trainer teaches the students the concept and application of rotary switch and how to use it within a PLC circuit.
  • Various sensors and DC motor are provided in the system to perform a realistic parking operation.
  • The trainer teaches the concept and application of proximity sensor, and how to use it within a PLC circuit.
  • System is delivered fully constructed, wired, and tested.
  • The trainer can be switched from PLC mode to manual mode easily from the operation panel.
  • The trainer control panel includes ON/OFF switch, Emergency stop switch, overload and circuit breaker for the trainees safety, PLC unit and several indication LEDs.