Sensors Applications Trainer

1 Grooved panel 2 Motion rail with ruler 3 Counter 4 Measurement unit 5 24 V power unit 6 24V DC motor unit

  • Familiarization with most common digial industrial sensors.
  • Familiarization with different sensors working principles.
  • Enhancing skills of electrical wiring of digital sensors.
  • Measuring the length of various objects using the ultrasonic sensor.
  • Magnet detection using the magnetic field sensor.
  • Optical fibers operation detection.
  • Photosensitive reflector operation detection.
  • Measuring the DC motor speed using different sensors.
  • 500-mm Motion rail ruler with ultrasonic wave measuring unit.
  • Inductive sensor of 2mm and 8mm sensing range.
  • Power unit: 10 sockets, 24 volts, 2 amperes
  • Frequency measurement unit
  • Motor unit with regulator knob
  • 2 digital displays
  • Test samples
    • 25 samples to detect different materials (different alloys and raw material samples),
    • Different thicknesses and colors
    • Different materials samples with coil for the inductive sensor
    • Drive strips for the motor unit
  • Sensors Applications Trainer (MSA101)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Multimeter

Sensors applications trainer introduces trainees to the main digital sensors used in industrial applications. The unit is designed to focus on working principles of digital sensors and classify them based on the technology each type uses for operation. for example capacitive , inductive , ultrasonic & fiber optics technologies. The system allows trainees to construct various circuits and connecting between sensors using safety connecting cables.

  • The trainer consists of a grooved aluminum panel, sets of experimental modules, sensors, samples and tools in order to perform wide range of digital sensors experiments.
  • The grooves in the aluminum panel help fixing sensors and operating experimental modules easily.
  • The experimental modules included are : 24 V power unit, 24V DC motor unit, counter unit, measurement unit, motor desks, multi-directional fiber cable, two unidirectional fiber cables and motion rail with ruler.
  • 24 V power supply unit with 10 output sockets to supply different sensors at the same time.
  • The 24V DC motor unit is equipped with motor speed control to adjust speed.
  • Motor speed can be measured using different segments of drive disks.
  • Set of sensors included are: capacitive sensor, 8mm inductive sensor, 2mm inductive sensor, sensitive ultrasound sensor, sensitive optical fiber sensor, magnetic field sensor and photosensitive reflector sensor with reflector.
  • Meter unit is available to connect the inductive or capacitive sensors to measure engine speed.
  • Measurement unit is available to connect the ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance in millimeters.
  • Optical fiber sensor can be connected to either a multi-directional fiber cable or two unidirectional fiber cables.
  • Samples provided with the trainer are of different lengths, thicknesses and colors to test sensors.
  • The trainer is also equipped with tools for experiments preparation such as knobs to fix modules to the grooved panel, optical fibers cutter and a knob to fix cylindrical samples.
  • System′s components are supplied in 3 kits including all accessories , power supplies , safety cables , test samples & etc.
    • The unit is equipped with four handles for easier mobility.