Protection of Drinking Water

1-Water taps 2-Non-return valve 3-Water meter 4-Vents 5-Transparent tank

  • Investigation of function of various safety devices
  • Prevention of water-return into the drinking water pipe
  • Main Unit Pump
    • Power: 1300 w
    • Flow rate: 4500 l/h
    • Head: 48 m
  • 3 Tanks: 6 L
  • Protection of Drinking Water (PL103)
  • Hard copy user manual

This educational trainer (PL103) simulates a domestic installation for drinking water with four different levels representing more than one household of a building. The unit aims at investigation of safety behavior devices for protection against the backflow.

  • This trainer can be used to investigate the function and operational behavior of safety devices for protection of back flow, as well as demonstration of pipework and fittings of four different levels.
  • A main unit consists of a tank and a pump is connected to the inlet and outlet of this unit to supply the unit with water and discharge the drain water in the tank in a closed cycle system.
  • The inlet water passes through a water meter to measure the delivered volume of water.
  • Non return valves are installed along the pipes to prevent the backflow of the water stream.
  • Drain basins are made out of PVC material.
  • waste water drainage is collected in a pipe system for discharging the waste water which is mounted on the back of the panel, the discharge is recirculated back to the main unit tank in a closed cycle system.
  • Two vents are constructed to discharge air from the cycle.
  • Six taps are installed onto the panel discharging into 3 Transparent tanks.