Sanitation Fittings Training Panel

1 Pressure reducing valves 2 Pressure gauges 3 Rotameters 4 Temperature gauges 5 Flush valve 6 Wall mounted mixer 7 Water tap with temperature control 8 Tap mixer 9 Drain basin

  • Acquaintance of different sanitation fittings and investigation of function and operating behavior of the trainer
  • Main Unit Pump
    • Power: 1300 w
    • Flow rate: 4500 l/h
    • Head: 48 m
  • Pressure gauge: 0-10 bar
  • Rotameter: 2-18 L/min
  • Temperature gauge: 0°C -120°C
  • Mixer with temperature control: 32°C - 42ºC
  • Sanitation Fittings Training Panel (PL104)
  • Hard copy user manual

This educational Trainer (PL104) is a functional model which investigates different sanitation fittings and installments used in domestic homes mounted on the unit panel. The trainer also states how water flow is affected by variation of properties.

  • This trainer demonstrates different sanitation fittings as well as studying water flow properties through the installments.
  • Two inlets are installed, one to be connected with hot water supply while the other one to be connected with cold water supply.
  • This unit can be connected to the main unit
  • The trainer includes two pressure reducing valves for cold and hot-water connections.
  • Two pressure gauges are mounted on the panel in order to study the pressure of water flow.
  • Two water rotameters are attached to measure the flow of water.
  • Two bimetallic type temperature gauges are included.
  • Different sanitation installments are mounted on the panel including: flush valve, wall mounted mixed, tap mixer and a mixer with temperature control.
  • A drain basin in included and made of clear acrylic material.
  • A ball valve is attached to the drain to prevent leakage.
  • The drain basin can be attached to pipes to discharge waste water.