Friction Forces Precise Gauging Equipment
(SM - 011)

1 Primary Plate 2 Secondary Plate 3 Additional Weight 4 Spring Balance 5 Drive Motor 6 Cable Drum (11 mm Diameter) 7 Reverse Plate Mechanism 8 Main On/Off Switch 9 Speed Control Switch 10 Direction Control Switch (Forward & Backward) 11 Slide Guide

  • To demonstrate and record the friction forces involved when two plates slide on each other.
  • To demonstrate the relation between material of plates and the friction force generated.
  • Spring Balance: 5N
  • Weights
    • 1x 10N
    • 1x 5N
    • 1x 3N
    • 1x 2N
    • 1x 0.5N
  • Secondary Plate
  • Friction Forces Precise Gauging Equipment (SM - 011)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Secondary materials supplied includes aluminum, brass, nylon, and tufnol.

Precision friction force measurement trainer (SM – 011) is a benchtop educational unit which demonstrate friction forces between plates of different materials sliding on each other. A spring balance records the friction force being generated by the two plates.

  • The trainer is composed of a base plate with a motor at one end operated using a switch.
  • The motor drives a cord attached to a sliding primary plate.
  • The motor ensures a near constant movement of the primary plate, and two different speeds can be selected.
  • The secondary plate slides on top of the primary plate. It remains stationary as the primary plate slides underneath it.
  • The secondary plate is attached to a spring balance which records the friction force being generated by the two plates.
  • Precision linear bearings and slide guides are used for accurate operation.
  • Secondary plate is connected to an analogue spring balance for friction force recording.