Measuring Amplifier Unit
  • Amplifier
    • Number of input channels: 18
    • Integrated touchscreen
      • 10”
  • Strain gauge connection in half or full bridge configuration
    • Resistance: Min. 350 Ohm/strain gauge
    • Strain gauge supply voltage: ±5VDC
  • Input voltage: Max. ±32mV
  • Strain gauge signals amplification
  • Measuring Amplifier Unit (ST101)
  • Hard copy user manual

The measuring amplifier unit (ST101) is often used in research, experimentation and testing, the unit can be used in combination with different training systems that generate small strain analog signals which can be amplified using this device, hence, the signals can be converted to digital pulses later on. The training system is easy to use either by the provided screen or an external PC.

  • The measuring amplifier unit is purposed for amplifying the signals coming out of strain gauge when combined with other training system.
  • This amplifier supplies the strain gauge bridge half or full circuits with power and processes the received measurement signals.
  • The measuring amplifier has 18 input channels for processing of analogue strain gauge.
  • The strain gauge measuring points are connected to audio socket.
  • The measuring amplifier unit can be operated using the provided touchscreen or through an external PC using the provided software.
  • Measured strain gauge values can be read on the touchscreen or through the software and can be saved on an excel sheet.
  • The measuring amplifier is supplied with main ON/OFF and emergency button in case of any inconvenience.