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Temperature Measurement Trainer

1- 2 wires PT100 socket, digital display, and measuring pins. 2 Thermistor digital display, input pins and measuring pins. 3 hermocouple socket, digital display, and measuring pins. 4 Precision resistors. 5 Psychrometer. 6 Bimetallic Thermometer. 7 Mercury Thermometer. 8 Gas Pressure Thermometer. 9 Fixed power outlet. 10 Adjustable Power Outlet. 11 3 wires PT100 input pins.

  • Measuring Room Humidity using Psychrometric Table.
  • Measuring Temperature using Electrical Measuring devices.
  • Measuring Temperature using Mechanical Measuring devices.
  • PT100 Temperature Sensor
    • PT100Ω thermic element A Class
    • Range: -50 C / +200 C
    • Standard tolerance PT100 A class :±0.15 + 0.002.[t°c]
    • Length = 50mm
    • diameter = 6mm
    • cable length: 2 m
  • NTC Temperature Sensor
    • NTC Liquid probe, stainless-steel shell (silicon cable)
    • range: -60 / +150
    • Accuracy: +- 0.5 C
    • Length = 50 mm
    • Diameter = 6 mm
    • cable length = 1.5 m
  • Thermocouple
    • Type K Thermocouple with Chromium/
  • Aluminum conductors 50mm
    • Length, 1.5mm Diameter → -40°C / +1100°C
  • Laboratory Heater
    • Digital temperature control with max. Temp at 280° degrees Celsius
    • Stainless steel work plate with ceramic coating offers great chemical resistant
    • temperature sensor (PT1000) Wet/Dry Bulb thermometer/hygrometer:
    • Temperature range 0 to 50°C
    • Humidity range 10 to 95% RH
  • Fundmental of Temperature Measurement Trainer - (TD - 002)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Temperature measurement strips.
  • Laboratory Heater

The temperature measurement trainer (TD-002) is an educational unit designed to demonstrate the operation of seven different temperature measuring devices under steady and non-steady conditions.

  • The unit consists of a main control unit and seven temperature measuring device.
  • The temperature measuring device included are mercury, bimetallic and gas pressure thermometers, 3 wires PT100, type K thermocouple, type NTC thermistor, and various temperature measuring strips.
  • The main control panel consists of emergency switch, On/off switch, power socket, adjusted power socket and power adjustment key.
  • The unit is equipped with digital displays for indicating measured values for thermistor, thermocouple and PT100.
  • Below the digital displays are measuring pins, so that student can measure the voltage on each temperature sensor.
  • The unit allows the measurement of relative air humidity using the psychrometer.
  • The unit is also equipped with Avometer to measure the output voltage of each sensor and for sensor calibration.
  • Various temperature, humidity experiments can be performed through the unit, as well as comparing and calibrating measurement sensors.