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AC Servo Motor Training System
  • Configuring the AC servo
  • Internal Speed Control
  • External Speed Control
  • Position Control
  • Torque Control
  • Homing
  • AC Servo Motor:
    • Input:
      • 3 - phase,220 L-L, 6.47 A, max. 200 Hz.
    • Output:
      • 850 watt, 1500 RPM
  • Encoder:
    • INC.3000 PPR.
  • Motor Driver:
    • Input :
      • 3 - phase AC, 200 to 230 L-L, 50/60 Hz, 6A, I KW
    • Output:
      • 6.75 A
  • AC Servo Motor Training System (MC100)
  • Hard copy user manual.

AC Servo Motor Training System (MC100) is a very versatile device that can be used to understand a veracity of experiments. The trainer can help demonstrate different concepts related to the AC servo motor construction, operation, and velocity control.

  • The trainer unit has a compact bench top design to be suitable for different spaces and to enable ease of use.
  • The trainer contains a high speed, high functionality AC servo driver and motor. This driver can realize velocity response frequency and contribute to the development of a high-speed machine and drastic shortening of tact-time.
  • The trainer also supports various applications and their requirements by featuring automated gain tuning function, damping control which achieves a stable “Stop Performance” even in low-stiffness machine and high-speed motor.
  • The trainer is made of durable material to ensure secure support during experimentation.
  • The training unit is electro-statically painted and is treated to resist rust.
  • The trainer is equipped with emergency button, on of switch, control switches, an indication lamp.