Advanced Computer Interface Base Unit with Built-in Power Supply

1.50 - Pins D sub socket 2.Fixed DC power supplies 3.Variable power supply 4.4 - Channel differential oscilloscope 5.4 - Channel differential oscilloscope fuses 6.Two digital multimeters (DMM1&DMM2) 7.Multimeter fuses 8.Digital outputs 9.Digital intputs 10.Relay outputs 11.Function generator 12.Digital pattern generator 13.Logic analyzer

  • Advanced Computer Interface Base Unit with Built-in Power Supply (MMS100)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Laboratory PC

Advanced computer interface base unit with built-in power supply is a benchtop kit provides trainees a wide range of meters and sources that are crucial tools to test, power, and verify many components integrated in different fields (electrical, electronics, etc.). It incorporates all inputs and outputs, switches, power and signal sources and measurement circuitry needed to perform experiments. The kit is designed to accommodate different types of systems and to be connected to other experimenter modules based on the training program to be applied and can be controlled via the connected Laboratory PC.

Including the following modules

  • Fixed DC power supply 3.3V;0.8A
  • Fixed DC supply +5v,1.5A / -5V,1.5A
  • Fixed DC supply +12V,1.5A / -12V,1.5A
  • Fixed DC supply +15V,1.5A / -15V,1.5A
  • Adjustable DC power supply (-20V : +20V), 1.5 A
  • Three-phase power supply 0-150 Hz, 0-14 Vrms, 2 A.
  • Three-phase power supply with adjustable phase-shift.
  • 2 X Voltmeter auto range up to 500V DC, 460 Vrms AC
  • 2 X Ammeter auto rang up to 10A AC/ DC
  • 2 X Resistance measurement up to 60 MΩ
  • 2 X Capacitance measurement from 10 nF up to 2000 μF
  • Inductance meter from 100 uH to 500 mH (Q<=50 , Q>1 at 1kHz)
  • 2 X temperature measurement( -20 C: 200 C), diode, frequency(0 to 6 MHz) and continuity test
  • 64-Bit processor
  • Measurements storage memory
  • Plug-in board for all training cards
  • Set of measurement accessories and leads
  • 8-Bit digital signal output accessed via 2-mm sockets, ttl/cmos, clock frequency 0 – 100 KHz, Electric Strength 0 to 15V Variable and Fixed States 0/24 V
  • 8-Bit digital signal input, accessed via 2mm sockets, memory depth 16-bit x 2 k, TTL/CMOS, sampling rate 0 – 100 kHz, electric strength 0 to 24V
  • 16-bit digital I/O (8-bit digital inputs & 8-bit digital outputs), TTL/CMOS sampling rate 100 msps, adjustable voltage ranges from 1.8V to 3.3V,
  • 8 Relays 24V, 1A DC for multi usage as fault troubleshooting
  • USB 2.0 Interface of a transfer speed of 480Mbps, USB 3.0, 2.5 gbps & Display Interface.
  • 4-Channel Oscilloscope with 100 MHz band width, safe for voltages up to 200 VP-P, sampling rate 200 Msps, 11 voltage/div ranges & 25 time/div ranges, inputs via BNC(4 inputs) or 2-mm sockets (4 inputs).
  • 2-Channels for current measurement, overcurrent-protected including 4 different ranges up to 5A, sampling 100 Msps.
  • Function generator with adjustable amplitude up to 10Vp-p , adjustable offset from -10V to 10V and adjustable frequency from DC up to 10MHz (BNC Connection).
  • Embedded controllers.

The training system is provided with the following virtual measuring instruments:

  • VI for fixed DC supplies
  • VI for adjustable DC power supply ( -20 V to +20 V)
  • VI for three phase power supplies
  • VI for multimeter (voltmeter-ammeter- RLC meter - Temperature - Diode test -continuity test).
  • 16 Digital outputs, 16 digital inputs. Display modes: binary, hex, decimal and octal numerals.
  • 4-Channel oscilloscope: band width 100 MHz, 25-time ranges, 100 ns/div to 10s/div, 11 ranges 10mV/div to 20 V/div, trigger and pre-trigger, xy and xt modes, cursor function, addition and multiplication function for 2 channels
  • Spectrum analyzer: 9 voltage ranges 100 mVto 50 V, input frequency range 3 Hz to 10 MHz, time domain display
  • Bode-plotter: 9 voltage ranges 100 mV to 50 V, frequency range 1 Hz - 10 MHz, time domain display and locus diagram
  • Function generator: 0.5 Hz -10MHz - 10VP-P, sine, square, triangular.
  • Arbitrary waveform and pulse generator
  • Power meter

Digital software

  • Digital courses version for students without experiment solutions and for teachers with experiment solutions through the digital content (B101)
  • Open source and not limited to specific period
  • Digital experiment set-ups through the digital content (B101).
  • Measurement & graphics can be saved within the experiment instructions by means of drag & drop.
  • Virtual instruments can be started directly from the experiment instruction pages questions with feedback and evaluation logic for checking student progress through the digital content (B101).
  • Print compatible document for printing of experiments instructions with solutions through the digital content (B101).
  • Include all measuring and control instrumentation to run the experiments.