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Static Reactions Analysis on the Gerber Beam

1-Mounting frame 2-Suspension beam. 3-Two cantilevers. 4-Force gauges. 5-Moving loads. 6-Locking handle.

  • Understanding the Gerber beam.
  • Application of the method of sections and the conditions of equilibrium to calculate the support forces for point load, distributed load and moving load.
  • Determination of the internal reactions under static load.
  • Plotting the shear force curve.
  • Plotting the bending moment diagram.
  • Determination of the lines of influence under moving load.
  • Comparison of the calculated and measured reactions for static and moving load.
  • Beam
    • total length: 1220mm
    • cantilever beam length: 503mm
    • suspended beam length: 250mm
  • Force gauge range: ±50N
  • Weights
    • 24x 5N
    • 12x 1N
    • moving load: 10+20N
  • Static Reactions Analysis on the Gerber Beam (ST102)
  • Gerber beam (2 cantilever beams + 1 suspended beam)
  • Four supports with force gauge
  • Moving load
  • weights
  • Storage system with foam inlay
  • Hard copy user manual

The stress analysis on suspension bridge trainer kit (ST102) is a bench top kit which is designed with the purpose of investigation of the lines of influence in a statically determinate Gerber beam under different loads. The unit also shows a direct indication of the reactions.

  • The educational unit demonstrates a Gerber beam which is an articulated beam with two cantilever beams and a suspended beam between them.
  • The unit includes two supports which hold each cantilever beam, the suspended beam is mounted on articulated supports on each of the cantilever beam arms. This makes the entire beam statically determinate.
  • The cantilever beam supports are provided with force gauges which indicate the support reactions, the supports are movable.
  • The educational unit is provided with single loads and a moving load to place load on the beam, this means the beam can be subjected to point or distributed loads, or to a moving load.
  • The force gauges in the cantilever beam supports indicate the effect of a moving load directly in the support reactions.
  • All the component elements of the educational unit are clearly laid-out and housed securely in a storage system.
  • The complete experimental can be setup on the mounting frame.