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Parabolic Arch Simulator

1-dial gauge 2-arch 3-Fixed support 4-shackle 5-weight 6-movable support with support plate 7-frame

  • Understanding the mechanical principles of the parabolic arch.
  • Differences between statically determinate and statically indeterminate arches.
  • Measurement of the deformations of the arch under load.
  • Measurement of the support reactions on the statically indeterminate arch under load.
  • Calculation of the support reactions.
  • Influence of load on reaction forces and deformation of the arch when applying the following:
    • point load
    • distributed load
    • suspended elastic roadway under load
  • Verifies model analysis theory
  • Uses influence line for horizontal thrust
  • Comparison of horizontal thrust at springing with simplified theory
  • Derivation of influence line for horizontal thrust
  • Model analysis evaluation of horizontal thrust
  • Examines relationship between applied loads and horizontal thrust
  • Analysis of theoretical and actual results
  • Parabolically pre-shaped steel arch
    • length: 1000mm
    • height: 280mm
    • cross-section: 20x6mm
  • Roadway
    • dead-weight: approx. 2,6N
    • LxWxH: 900x70x3mm
  • Dial gauge
    • measuring range: 0…25mm
    • graduation: 0,01mm
  • Parabolic Arch Simulator (ST103)
  • Arch with 7 shackles + 7 hangers
  • Roadway with shackles
  • Weights
  • Deflection rollers with fixture
  • Support
  • Storage system with foam inlay
  • Hard copy user manual

The parabolic arch kit (ST103) is a bench top trainer which is designed to investigate the parabolic arc. The unit offers as an option a statically determinate or statically indeterminate parabolic arc under load.

  • The educational unit indicates the deformations of the arch under load and the support reactions of the arch.
  • The unit includes a pre-shaped parabolic arch loading of the arch with a distributed load by way of 7 evenly distributed loads or by point loads or by suspended roadway with loads.
  • The unit is provided with two arch’s support, one of the arch’s supports is fixed, the other is horizontally movable support.
  • The trainer is supplied with weights to undo the movements of the movable support so it›s converted to a fixed support.
  • Additional weights are added to the trainer to compensate for the vertical support reaction.
  • The arch is statically determinate as long as the movable support is movable, though the arch is substantially deformed under load.
  • The arch is no longer statically determinate and is deformed only to a minor degree when the movable support becomes immovable.
  • All the component elements of the experiment are clearly laid-out and housed securely in a storage system.
  • The complete experimental can be setup on the mounting frame.