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Deformation of Trusses

1-Loading unit with force gauge 2-Node disk 3-Dial gauge 4-Set of PVC bars -2x 150 mm (bar 1) -5x 259 mm (bar 2) -7x 300 mm (bar 3) -1x 397 mm (bar 4) -3x 424 mm (bar 5) -1x 520 mm (bar 6) 5-Adjustable supports 6-Structure with caster wheels.

  • Elastic deformation of truss under point load
  • Calculation of support reaction and bar forces
  • Principle of work and strain energy
  • Application of Castiglioni's first theorem to calculate the deformation at a Defined point
  • Verification of the calculated deformation possible by the principle of virtual Work
  • Comparison of the deformations of different trusses under the same load
  • Comparison of measured and calculated Deformation
  • Deformation of Trusses (ST107)
  • Weights kit
  • Hard copy user manual

The educational unit of deformation of trusses (ST107) is designed to determine the deformation of a single plane truss at one point using Castiglioni’s first theorem. The unit also allows to investigate the deformation of statically determinate trusses.

  • The elastic deformation of trusses training system consists of the mounting frame in addition to the deformation of trusses kit and the weights kit.
  • The truss being investigated is made of bars joined together by an articulated construction using node disks.
  • The trusses can be considered as ideal trusses.
  • The bars have special snap-lock fixtures on their ends to allow them to be fixed easily  into the node disks.
  • The educational unit is provided with a load application device attached to a node disk generates an external force.
  • The range of different bar lengths supplied with the educational unit permits three forms of truss to be constructed.
  • The bars are made of PVC, so their deformations are clearly visible.
  • All the component elements of the experiment are clearly laid-out and housed securely in a storage system.
  • A cross arm is provided for lateral stability of truss
  • The complete experimental can be setup on the mounting frame.