Elastic Line of a Beam

1. Mounting frame 2. Dial gauge 3. Weights 4. Pinned support 5. Beam

  • Elastic line under varying load.
  • Elastic line under various support conditions.
  • Demonstration of Maxwell–Betti’s theorem.
  • Elastic line and support forces in statically indeterminate systems.
  • Elastic Line of a Beam (ST108)
  • Weights kit
  • Hard copy user manual

The elastic line of a beam training system (ST108) is designed to demonstrate the modulus of elasticity for different metal beams under different loads and with different support arrangements.

  • The elastic line of a beam training system consists of the elastic line of a beam kit and the weights kit.
  • The training system includes three beams made of different materials. Two pinned supports, one fixed support and one hinge support with clamps for securing each part. The dial gauges record the resulting deformation of the beam.
  • The training system includes three beam of different material which are brass, aluminum and steel for studying the modulus of elasticity in these materials and their in-linear elastic material behavior.
  • The training system also includes three different supports which are fixed support, pinned support and hinge support for assisting with beams deflection study under different support conditions.
  • The movable hook allows the dial gauges to be mounted anywhere on the mount frame allowing the trainees to measure the linear deflection at any point on the beam.
  • The kit contains six pairs clamps for the fixation of supports and the dial gauges too.
  • All the accessories components are safely stored in a container with a transparent cover.