Bending Test, Plastic Deformation

1-load application device 2-Movable support 3-Fixes support 4-Dial gauge 5-Beam 6-Mounting frame

  • Load on a beam with a point load.
  • Plot a load–extension diagram and determine the nonlinear behavior.
  • Compare the load and relief curves.
  • Demonstrate the invalidity of the superposition principle in the plastic region.
  • Bending Test, Plastic Deformation (ST111)
  • Weights kit
  • Hard copy user manual

The educational unit (ST111) tends to allow trainees to observe and determine the transition from elastic to plastic deformation and plot load–extension diagrams.

  • The Bending Test, Plastic Deformation training system consists of bending test, plastic deformation kit
  • A movable and a fixed support are supplied with the educational unit to secure the beam.
  • The beam is loaded with a point load.
  • The load application device can be positioned anywhere on the frame.
  • Beams of different materials and profiles are provided for wide range of experiments.
  • The transition from elastic to plastic deformation is observed and determined in the experiment.
  • The values obtained are used to create a load–extension diagram, in which the non-linear behavior of the deformation is demonstrated.
  • The parts of the experiment are laid out clearly and housed securely in a storage system.
  • The entire experimental setup is constructed on the mounting frame.