Electromagnetics Experimental Cards

Electromagnetism I (EC103.01)

  • Exploring the different shapes of the magnets
  • Observing the Effect of magnetism on substances.
  • Introduction to the terms: magnetic poles, magnetic fields, field lines and field intensity
  • Explore the Transfer of magnetic effects.
  • Investigate Forces between two magnets.
  • Expect the result of Splitting a magnet in two.
  • Demonstration of magnetic fields
  • investigation of the magnetic field around the electromagnet.

Electromagnetism II (EC103.02)

  • Investigates the construction and principle of operation of the solenoid
  • Observing the Direction of the Compass Needle near a Solenoid.
  • Investigate the Transformer based on magnetic circuit theory.
  • Determining the transmission ratio of a transformer
  • The operation of the reed switch is based upon the principle of magnetic induction.
  • Controlling real circuits using a reed switch.
  • Demonstration of the function of a relay.
  • Implementing a real practical circuit using a DPDT Relay.
  • Electromagnetics Experimental Cards(EC103)
  • Hard copy user manual
  • Card holder (MMS103) With Advanced Computer Interface Base Unit with Built-in Power Supply (MMS100)
  • Card holder (MMS103) With Computer Interface Base Unit with Built-in Power Supply (MMS101)
  • Bench Power Supply Unit (MMS102) (Customer to provide oscilloscope, function generator, multimeter)

Electricity and magnetism are closely related; electromagnetic is used in many electrical components. This package is designed to focus the students on the main concepts of electromagnetism and enhance scientific concepts with various practical experiments by using the package with the main unit.

  • The experimental cards contain different types of magnets and electromagnets and diverse circuits to familiarize the student with the main concepts of electromagnetism. Also Comprises different electromagnetic devices such as a Transformer, reed switch, compass, and relay.
  • The experimental cards Include Electromagnetic Card I, Electromagnetic Card II