Computerized Digital Technology Trainer
  • Studying characteristics of basic logic gates and their possible states.
  • Analysis of digital logic circuits.
  • Extracting boolean expressions of the digital logic circuits
  • Verifying boolean algebra laws and de morgan's theorems
  • Implementation of realistic applications using logic gates
  • Practically demonstrate the equivalent equations
  • Verifying karnaugh map method
  • Analysis and design of combinational circuits.
  • Implementing popular combinational circuits such as adders and subtracters.
  • Discovering the characteristics of decoders, encoders, multiplexers, and demultiplexers.
  • Differentiate between combinational and sequential circuits.
  • Experimental the characteristics of the different types of flip-flops.
  • Observe the operation of shift registers and counters.
  • Construct different types of counters
  • Experimental different sequential circuits to use in various applications.
  • Demonstrate digital circuit results using a seven-segment module.
  • Computerized Digital Technology Trainer (EC107)
  • External Blocks (EC107.02)
  • Computerized Digital Technology Trainer software(EC107.03)
  • Hard copy user manual

Laboratory PC
Laboratory oscllioscope

The computerized digital technology trainer is an ideal tool for learning the basics of digital logic circuits, properties & parameters of digital circuits. All function groups required for conducting experiments in digital technology are integrated in the digital board and supplied with power by a built-in power supply unit. The supply unit are equipped with overload protection for safety purpose. The training system is a platform equipped pulse generator as well as various digital I/O components. Students are able to use these components to prototype the digital circuits on the training board.

  • The digital trainer system is powered using a power cable to be connected to the main supply of the building with 220 VAC/50HZ
  • The trainer comes with a stabilized built-in power supply that distributes 5 volts to every component of the trainer.
  • Containment of Pulse generator with Fixed amplitude of 5V p-p (0 to 5V) and Variable frequency range that starts from 1 Hz up to 20 KHz that is compatible with all the digital gates and blocks in the training system.
  • Subsequent Frequency divider with 4 different dividing factors.
  • Main Kit
    Code (EC107.01)

    • The Digital kit contains 74 gates contains:
    • The Digital kit contains:
      • 6x 2-input NAND gate.
      • 6x 2-input NOR gate.
      • 6x 2-input XOR gate.
      • 6x 2-INput AND gate.
      • 6x 2-Input OR gate.
      • 6x 2-input XNOR gate.
      • 3x 3-input NAND gate.
      • 3x 3-input NOR gate.
      • 3x 3-input XOR gate.
      • 3x 3-INput AND gate.
      • 3x 3-Input OR gate.
      • 3x 3-input XNOR gate.
      • 2x 4-input NAND gate.
      • 2x 4-input NOR gate.
      • 2x 4-input XOR gate.
      • 2x 4-INput AND gate.
      • 2x 4-Input OR gate.
      • 2x 4-input XNOR Gate.
      • 8x Not Gate.
    • Sequential Blocks
      • 4x D Flip Flops
      • 8x JK Flip Flops
      • 8x Button set
      • 12x Toggle Switches set
      • 8x Switches set
      • Digital Input Block with LED Indicators (8 Digital Inputs)
      • Digital Outputs Block with LED Indicators (8 Digital Outputs )
      • Computerized Digital Output Block with LED Indicators (8 Digital Outputs )
      • Computerized Digital Input Block (8 Digital Inputs )
      • 1x Universal Logic Block Can Hold the Flowing External Blocks
  • External Blocks
    Code: (EC107.02 )

    • 2x 4-bit magnitude Comparator.
    • BCD to Decimal
    • BCD Counter
    • 2x 4:16 Decoder
    • Bi-directional Shift Register
    • 4-Bit Binary Ripple Counter
    • 1:8 DE-Multiplexer
    • 8:3 Encoder
    • 7-Segment Display with BCD Decoder Common ANODE
    • 7-Segment Display with BCD Decoder Common Cathode
    • 4-Bit Binary Adder
    • Binary Adder
    • 3:8 Decoder
    • 8:1 Multiplexer
    • Breadboard
  • Computerized Digital Technology Trainer software
    Code: (EC107.03)

    • It is supported with digital logic analyzer software used through the Computerized Digital Input Block
    • also, digital output can be applied by software through the Computerized Digital Output Block
    • Each block and terminal on the card are labeled for easy recognition to ensure more accurate and safe wiring during experimentation.
    • Possible to check the Output signal and apply the Input signal through the PC by using of USB connection.