Dimensional Metrology (Output Shaft) Training Kit

1. Caliper 2. Digital external micrometer 3. Test Object (Output shaft) 4. Depth Caliper 5. Surface Comparison Plates 6. Flange Housing

  • Familiarization with the basic fundamentals of meteorology: testing, measuring and gauging.
  • Determination of lengths, depths, diameter, and surface roughness.
  • Familiarization with typical measuring equipment.
  • Familiarization with general tolerances.
  • Recognition of systematic and random errors.
  • Comparing surface roughness using gauge.
  • Estimation of measurement deviations.
  • Output shaft
    • Material of construction: steel
  • Test equipment
    • Caliper: 0…150mm
      • Reading accuracy: 0.05mm
    • Depth caliper: 0…150mm
      • Reading accuracy: 0.05mm
    • Digital external micrometer: 0…25mm
      • Resolution: 0,001mm
    • Surface comparison
      • 6 roughness: Rz 16, Rz 32, Rz 63, Rz 125, Rz 250, Rz 500
  • Dimensional metrology (output shaft) training kit (MMS106)
  • Hard copy user manual

The dimensional output shaft training kit is designed in order to allow trainees to grasp and comprehend knowledge related to meteorology field. Using this training kit, students will get familiar with different measurement devices besides being able to measure specified lengths, depths, diameter, and surface roughness.

  • This training kit offers users the basic fundamentals of measurements by enabling them to determine the lengths, depths, diameter, and surface roughness of various objects.
  • The training kit consists of output shaft which is part of spur and worm gear.
  • Four testing equipment are included in this training kit allowing students to determine dimensions using more than one method.
  • The testing equipment includes the following:
    • Caliper
    • Depth caliper
    • Digital external micrometer
    • Surface comparison plates
  • All of the kit components are laid neatly in a storage box made out of durable plastic to provide protection to the kit contents.
  • The kit is lined with foam material carved to contain each component precisely protecting them against wear and deterioration.
  • The kit is compact and easy to use in laboratories. All of the kit contents are labeled for an easy access of the components.