Flow Measurement Trainer

1.Manometer tubes, 2.Rotameter, 3.Flow rate control valve, 4.Flow meters modules, 5.Water tank with submersible pump, 6.Pump operation switch, 7.Emergency switch, 8.Shut-off valve, 9.Accessories drawer

  • Introduce trainee to the working principle of different flow measuring devices such as:
    • Orifice plate flowmeter
    • Pitot Tube
    • Venturi tube flowmeter
  • Measuring pressure difference using manometer in combination with different flow measuring devices.
  • Rotameter calibration.
  • Measuring flow coefficient of different experimental modules.
  • Manometer panel for water
    • 6 tubes: 390 mm WC
  • Rotameter: 0.6-6 m3/h
  • Submersible pump
    • H max= 4 m
    • 100 e
    • Q max= 4500 L/H
  • Flow measurement trainer (MMS112)
  • Hard copy user manual

Flow measurement trainer is designed to allow trainees to study the most common types of flow measurement devices used in industrial applications through a closed loop cycle that includes a submersible pump , control valves , flow measuring & display devices. The trainer allows measuring the pressure difference caused by various types of flow meters and to measure the flow coefficients of these flow meters.

  • The trainer features a closed water cycle that includes all components and fittings needed for experimentation.
  • The water cycle includes a water tank with a submersible pump, flow rate control valve, shut-off valve and piping elements.
  • Flow measuring devices included are :
    • Orifice plate flowmeter
    • Measuring nozzle flowmeter
    • Venturi tube flowmeter
    • Rotameter
  • Only one flow meter device can be fixed to the water cycle at a time for experimentation.
  • When the pump is turned on, water flows through the control valve to the rotameter and passing through the flow measuring device under test.
  • The rotameter is a device used to measure the flow rate.
  • The control valve is used to control the flow rate of the water coming out of the pump until reference flow rate is reached.
  • The pressure difference between the two sides of the measuring device is measured using the provided 6 tubes manometer .
  • Using the measured pressure difference the student will be able to calculate the flow rate through the flow measuring device under test using Bernoulli equation .
  • System flow modules and piping elements are made of transparent material for better observation of the process.
  • The trainer is supplied with a pump operation switch and emergency switch.